A 360 Degree Approach To Health


Health and wellbeing are vital to feeling good and attacking life with energy and zest.  But most of the time, people focus on what is going into their mouth as the most important aspect of their nutrition.   

When I mention my work in nutrition and health, the top three questions I’m asked is:

  1. How can I lose weight?
  2. Is meat bad for my waistline?
  3. Will what I’ve just ordered be too fattening?   

So there is obviously a block when people think about health.  It’s all about food and weight,and the rest doesn’t come immediately to mind.  Why?  Because that’s what is around us.  Popping up on our computer screens as diet program adverts, and every second or third commercial on TV asking us to buy a ‘low-fat’ something or a ‘diet’ drink for better health.

Then, ever so occasionally, a diet adjustment will lead to weight loss.  Most of the time it doesn’t last and that’s why more and more people are looking internally for the answer to the burning question...  

What Beliefs Are Stopping Me From Being My Healthiest Self?

Is it the belief that chocolate is comforting… despite the fact that you don’t feel so great after eating it?  Is it the belief that it’s ‘normal’ to feel tired by 3pm?  Is it the belief that you don’t deserve to be incredibly healthy and bursting with happiness?   

The goal in finding the balance of health is to look at it from all angles.  Wanting to look great is one thing.  But wanting to think healthy in your mind, be healthy in your body and feel healthy in your life is completely different.

I Want You To Ask Yourself Right Now - What Is Holding You Back From Feeling Your Best?

Is it all to do with food & weight, or is it a toxic friendship or unsatisfying work situation?  Is it a limiting belief?  Is it a lack of self worth from a past experience?

Whatever the main issue is - and you’ll know deep in your heart what needs to be addressed - this is what needs to be looked into before any sustainable change will happen on the exterior. The good news is, it’s super simple to begin to tap into the mental aspects of health and get to know yourself better on that level.

If you begin to realize that excess weight is just a symptom of the underlying problem, it will suddenly become so much easier to break the cycle and feel amazing in mind, body and spirit.

Have You Experienced A Mental Shift That Has Changed The Way To View Health And Nutrition? Share Your Story In The Comments Below!

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