Can A Healthy Mouth Save Your Life

Written by Dr Victor Zeines as featured in Food Matters

I've been a practicing Holistic Dentist for over thirty years. In this time, I have found that many dental problems are related to diet and general health. While most of us are not aware of the mouth/body connection, it needs to be addressed. This is an introduction to a series of articles regarding dental and total health.
What if there was a way to tell if you have a vitamin or mineral deficiency? Or if you have a compromised immune system?  Does the body give us clues about our general health long before we normally would sense those conditions? Surprisingly, the health of the entire body is closely linked to the health of the mouth.
According to a 2000 Surgeon General's report, oral disease is a "silent epidemic" that threatens the health of Americans. Your dentist can do much more than save your teeth and gums. Your dentist can save your life. Your mouth can reveal the presence of illness or unstable conditions in other areas of the body.

The eyes may be the windows to your soul but the mouth is the gateway to your body. Your mouth is one of the early warning areas of the body.

For example -

  • The Tongue has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to diagnose disease. The ancient Chinese doctors further believed that the tongue was the external indicator of the internal condition of the organs. Its general appearance reflects the state of one's energy, blood, and progression and regression of disease. Problems seen on the tongue are usually related to digestion.
  • The Teeth-  Do you have fillings, crowns or cavities?  Do you brush your teeth but decay still occurs. Why? Most of the time it is due to poor nutrition resulting in the mouth becoming too acidic and mineral poor. This results in a shift of the bacterial population so that the small numbers of bad bacteria increase and cause many problems in other parts of the body. The health of your teeth is a reflection of your entire body!
  • Bad Breath- Even your best friend won't tell you, but really they should!!! This could be a sign on an infection in your mouth or stomach problems.

Proper detoxification and supplementation can put the body back on the road to health.

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