Can What You Eat Save The Planet? (And Your Health!)


Our latest FMTV film Club Film Inhabit highlights how humanity is more than ever threatened by its own actions. But poses the question, ‘what if we could meet human needs while increasing the health and well-being of our planet?


If we focused more on living with the planet, than using it purely for our own gain, we could drastically reduce the negative human footprint that we’re leaving on the earth.

That is the premise of the permaculture movement. A set of design processes that allow us to live alongside the land harmoniously, nurturing and nourishing both the planet and ourselves.

Permaculture is a difficult concept to explain, but in our August FMTV Film Club, Inhabit, the filmmakers do a great job! Not only does it highlight the environmental issues facing us today, but it examines the solutions that are being applied using permaculture around the Northeastern and Midwestern regions of the United States.

Inhabit presents a range of different permaculture practices and interviews those implementing these types of ecological designs, offering plenty of food for thought about how it can be a game-changer by showing various ways to apply it and it’s potential impact across a variety of fields.

Inhabit is definitely not a ‘how-to’ film, but more of an awareness raising documentary providing answers to the question ‘why permaculture?’. You’ll be introduced to the movement and those at the grassroots level implementing it, showing how permaculture principles can be used to help shift our impact on the earth from destructive to regenerative.

It definitely got me thinking about how I can change my footprint on the earth to be a more positive one! 


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