A Mindful Choice Documentary - July Film Club


It seems in this day and age that more people are unhappy, depressed, and suicidal than ever before. 

And that’s a true tragedy.

To think that we have lost some great souls such as Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, and even a close friend of mine from college at the end of last year. It seems the prevalence of these psychological illnesses are on the rise despite our increasing affluence and comfort. 

So how can we turn the tide on this internal downward spiral?

In a new film coming this Friday to FMTV called A Mindful Choice, two ‘modern monks’ from New Zealand set out on an international journey to discover the impact that meditation and stillness can have on peoples' lives. 

And they ask the question - could this approach to life help solve some of our biggest issues?

They take meditation into schools and prisons, and share examples of people who have gone through (and are going through) some of life's biggest challenges, from cancer, to losing a father, to near death experiences. Each of these stories show that the simple practice of creating stillness and mindfulness in one's life can have a profound, positive impact.

The stories of inmates from some of Mexico’s most notorious criminals are truly incredible. 

And of children who have lost parents or been abandoned.

It’s a profoundly inspiring film and I hope you can find the time to tune in on FMTV this weekend to watch it.

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Your transformation is what the world needs.

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