Do You Have 10 Minutes? 5 Short Yoga Flows to Get Your Body Moving

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

Aside from meditation and a glass of lemon water, a short yoga practice is one of our must-dos each morning. It helps to even out any kinks from yesterday, or a tough night’s sleep - both literally and metaphorically. Your practice doesn’t always have to be at the crack of dawn either, any time of day that you find yourself with 10 spare minutes and a longing for some presence is the perfect time to get your flow on.

1. Yoga Class For Busy People

If you’ve found yourself saying you don’t have time for yoga, that’s exactly why you need a quick and easy flow. It invites you to drop the stress and to-do list of the moment and to be solely present in movement and breath. Pencil yourself in 10 minutes to really just let go.


2. 10 Minute Gentle Stretch To Relieve Tension

Lauren Verona is a very dear friend of mine, and this 10-minute flow is one of the most gorgeous ways to open up to the day. It invites you to leave any past stresses behind you and bring a relaxed state into the present. Roll out your mat and do it anytime you’re feeling caught up in knots.


3. Hip-Opening Yoga Flow

In yoga, our hips are believed to be where we store our emotions. If there’s too much going on, sometimes these important joints can become stuck, so it’s important to work our way into them and ease out all that tension. In 10 short minutes, Koya Webb invites you to a safe space where you can open up and flow.


4. Yoga for Digestive Health

Some people only look to yoga for fitness, but others know of its incredible healing powers. In this 10-minute flow, we work through any digestive issues that may be burdening you and stretch into a lighter, more peaceful way of being.


5. 10 Minutes For Flexibility

If the thing holding you back from yoga is a concern for your flexibility, this is the class for you. Gently ease yourself into flow with these encouraging asanas that invite you to breathe and simply be. Stretch, soothe, and soak yourself in this delightful yoga bubble everyone’s talking about.


Tried all five of these classes? Let us know your favorite in the comments below...

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