February Film Club: ĀINA: That Which Feeds Us


When we think of Hawaii and the islands that make up this magical place, it’s hard to imagine anything but a lush, green, thriving landscape. From the traditional Polynesian customs to its stunning natural surroundings, Hawaii is simply a slice of heaven on earth.

Kauai is the Hawaiian island that has been lovingly nicknamed “the green island” for its virtually untouched natural surroundings. Despite everything this piece of paradise is known for, there is a major health crisis facing the island of Kauai.

The latest film to land at FMTV and the featured film for February is “AINA - That Which Feeds Us”. This film explores how Kauai has recently been used as a place for major corporations to test pesticides and genetically modified crops. AINA vividly illustrates the power these agricultural giants are having on our food systems.

The native Hawaiian people are concerned that the soil, air and water quality of their sacred land is being destroyed. With sprayed crops being so close to schools and reports of respiratory issues in children being brought to light, people are more concerned than ever before about the health of their families.

But it's not just the people of Kauai! Did you know that harmful pesticides are used in approximately 80% of the world's crops, which can cause a range of diseases such as cancer, asthma and even birth defects? This film explores why this issue is more than just a local problem but a crisis facing the world.

'ĀINA: That Which Feeds Us is a new film, by directors Dave Mossop and Josh Thome, that looks at the conflict between agrochemical giants and the traditional farmers of Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands.

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