Health Care Reform Needs Natural Medicine


Medicine vs. Drugs

Since the drug companies began using their power for profit, health care has gone spiraling down the tubes, and so has the general population's well being. Prior to the 1930's the only available medicines were picked from plants. Since the 1950's and television, the rate of drug use in the U.S. is out of control. Too many people rely on drugs made from chemicals, and those chemicals have dangerous side effects, often creating more health problems in other areas of the body.

Natural Health vs. Conventional Health

Many diseases that are now out of control were cured easier and healthier with foods and plants found around the house. Diabetes for instance, can be cured and controlled by eating certain foods and spices, such as cinnamon. The damage done to a body after years of chemical insulin is irreversible, as one cannot reattach an amputated limb, nor can one get his blood sugar under control without the dependence on the injected insulin. We all make insulin naturally, but with all of the chemicals and harmful additives put in our food supply, our natural abilities to heal ourselves have been tampered with. In far too many cases, these 'medicines' made by drug companies and used as fillers and addictive properties in our food are making the entire country sick.

Health care cannot be reformed if we are to rely on prescription drugs and the doctors who push them. We cannot be safe and healthy without the knowledge that if the food we buy is not organic, it is loaded with chemicals used in a variety of poisonous products. Poison kills, or it wouldn't be poison! Eventually our bodies break down and lose the ability to heal, yet we go running back to the doctor for more pills!

I have been treating myself and a group of others with plant medicines for years. I have helped a woman heal her thyroid imbalances, healed more colds than I can count in less than two days with nothing more than ingredients in my cupboards and helped several people wean off medications they would have had to take for the rest of their lives, just by recommending an alternative that was not addictive but healthier, safer and more effective.

Americans need to get off drugs. We need to look at the big picture and realize that we have other choices. We need to accept Natural Medicine and Whole Body Healing as a legal medical practice that is safe and focused on our well being. We need to write our congressmen and women to demand that insurances cover less costly, less traumatic healing methods.

A few examples...


The FDA, our doctors and all the hype on television say that every woman should have a mammogram at the age of 40 and each year thereafter to prevent breast cancer. The only method offered publicly is a squeezing device that actually delivers far more radiation to that little bit of tissue than a regular x-ray, which we are protected from with a lead apron. It is a known fact that too much exposure to high levels of radiation cause cancer! Ironic that the test they do to detect cancer can actually give it to you. Nowhere will you find the FDA's approval for things that do not make money, or things they cannot patent.

An alternative to these squeezing devices is Thermal Imaging. This is usually recommended AFTER a mammogram, when a lump may or may not be present. It is a picture that is taken with infra red technology that will show red wherever cancer is detected. It's as simple as lifting your arms and waiting for the click. No radiation, no squeezing, no danger. Actually this is much more accurate and the cost is only $150. 00, as opposed to a dangerous, painful mammogram which can run into the $2,000.00 range. Insurances will not cover anything that is not accepted by the FDA. This means we are left to the devices, the radiation and the squeezing, unless we pay out of pocket.


Our bodies have been abused by the overuse of prescription medication and it has compromised our body's ability to heal itself. We were designed to digest natural plants and foods without pesticides, chemicals and poisons. The overuse of antibiotics is yet another poison fed to us by those who are supposed to heal. Natural medicine takes on the whole patient, mind and body. When an injury occurs, energy/heat settles around it, causing pain, inflammation and even infection.

There are many natural remedies like plants and herbs that contain strong antibiotic properties. For example a clove of garlic... and it costs only 27 cents! Now try and get the drug companies to buy that. It would cost them billions upon billions of dollars if the general public were aware of these simple, healthy medicines. There are enough natural medicines on Earth to cure, yes CURE, every ailment out there. They were used for hundreds, millions of years. People were healthier and many of the current diseases today did not exist. They died from war and exposure, not lack of vitamins or diabetes or cancer.

Colds and Antibiotics

Nothing is more harmful than going to a doctor when you have a cold. It's a virus and it's normal. Taking an antibiotic every time you have a cold will kill you, after it slowly weakens your immune system, causes more health problems and pain, then puts you in a place of needing more medication. It is amazing the number of people who do not even consider the dangers of antibiotic use.

There are plenty of recipes that that are natural antibiotic and safe to use for colds. Not only will it get rid of your cold and keep the congestion down, but the combination of sage, honey, cayenne and lemon boost your immune system and get your body back on track. Cost of this home remedy: about $3.00.

Joint Pain/Arthritis

Arthritis has sky-rocketed as a disease and its causes we are told, are 'unknown.' The truth is, it is caused by fillings in our teeth, vitamin deficiencies and other health deteriorating procedures that we are told will help us. Arthritis is so huge it has its own association, and its own line of designer drugs that we've been told will help us. One of those drugs is Vioxx, which has been proven to cause heart problems and death in individuals who had no problems before. After several cases of this happening, it is still on the market and distributed to the public. Too many drugs destroy the liver. The liver is responsible for cleaning our systems of bad and harmful things, but when it's working overtime to try and process chemicals, it eventually gives out. No liver, no life. Liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer are a few 'side effects' of too many drugs.

An alternative to all of those medications is a little drink you can make at home. You simply take some unfiltered raw organic honey and mix it with organic Apple Cider Vinegar. This drink tastes like apple juice, and works great on swollen or sore joints. The two ingredients will last a long time and have unlimited shelf lives. I have arthritis and use this faithfully after a bad experience with Vioxx and several other 'experimental' drugs.

Take control of your health. Care about what you put in your bodies. Question the FDA's legitimacy and do research. Don't trust what your told about prescription medications and don't fall for the brainwashing tactics they use to lure you in. Find out about testing and research methods before you take anything. Research should be done for at least 20 years on large groups of people. Do not accept medications that are new and experimental. Challenge your doctor to research Natural Cures and if he refuses, find one who will. A good doctor will want to do what is best for your health.

Working Together

Conventional medicine is great if you've been in a traumatic accident. Surgical procedures have saved many, many lives over the years and some conventional medicine is necessary. Everyday ailments and conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, gout, eczema, digestive issues, weight gain, headaches and so on can be treated with plant medicines and whole body healing for so little money it's laughable. This whole health care reform scam is another ploy by drug companies to control our healthcare and ensure more medications are administered.

Physicians attend schools owned by these drug companies and are taught only to treat symptoms with drugs. They are never taught that rubbing garlic on a wound is the cleanest, healthiest, safest thing to do or that it heals the wound in record time, clears out any blood poisoning which eliminates the need for tetanus shots and antibiotics. What should cost about 27 cents instead costs thousands. Health care cannot work this way. Natural Medicine Practitioners need to be accepted as legitimate healers and used to treat common ailments, while conventional medicine should concentrate on diagnostics and surgical procedures. Only then will we all be healthier and not have to bear the brunt of our health care being decided by drug companies.

The information is out there, and having worked in conventional medicine for 15 years I saw far too many people stay sick on prescription medication. I saw doctors ignore a person's discomfort and treat them as lab rats. I watched countless people line up for flu shots and treatments only to become sick and die. Drugs are not the only option, and we as a nation need to open our eyes to what we are allowing to happen. Your children's health is at risk. Vaccinations have been proven to cause Autism, which didn't exist before Polio vaccines were introduced in the 1930's. How can we just trust everything they say about safety? How can we not do the research and believe a bunch of corporate pencil pushers who only want profit? If you think your health is not for sale, think again.

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