How To Bounce Back When Life Knocks You Down


At times life can get difficult. We’ve all experienced this at some point and likely more recently than not, given what’s been happening in the world as a result of the coronavirus.

Maybe it’s a broken relationship, the loss of a job, accumulating debt or financial ruin, a terminal diagnosis, or grieving the passing of a loved one.

These are some of the biggest emotional challenges of our lives and they seem to not escape anyone. In the depths of despair, no matter how hard you might try, it can feel utterly frustrating and overwhelming.

However, is it possible to find meaning in adversity and could this lead us to discover a deeper purpose in our lives?

This is something that Sonia Ricotti knows all too well. Years back, she hit rock bottom after losing her home, accumulating six-figures in debt, breaking off a relationship with her alcoholic partner, and going through a significant health scare. For a fleeting moment, she even thought about ending it all.

In Episode 5 of Transcendence Season 2, Sonia shares her personal story alongside expert commentary on bouncing back with the likes of Michael Beckwith, Bradley Nelson, Turia Pitt, Sadhvi Bhagawatiji, Dawson Church, and more.

From losing a child in a mass shooting to surviving a horrific bushfire these incredible stories show that how we respond to life’s challenges can shape who we are. Our willingness to bounce back and the lessons we take from challenges are what propel us forward in life.

Part of understanding the bigger picture and purpose of our suffering lies in what American Professor Joseph Campbell refers to as ‘The Hero’s Journey’. In Episode 5 Mike Sherbakov elaborates on this concept encouraging us to find meaning in a moment instead of reverting to a ‘why me’ mentality.

Reverend Michael Beckwith takes this further and suggests that when we stop asking ourselves why and start asking ourselves what is seeking to emerge through these experiences, our lives begin to shift exponentially.

In Episode 5 “Discovering Your Gifts”, you’ll also uncover:

  • The secret to discovering your gifts and what that journey will look like for you.
  • How to stop procrastination and start living a life aligned to your true purpose, without having to quit your job.
  • Why some of the brightest minds today believe our future is a positive one.
  • The power of meditation and life visioning to manifest your dream life and shift the world’s energy and vibrations.
  • How meditation can boost your creativity and mind power by over 400%+.
  • And, much more.

We have the ability to turn our greatest challenges into our greatest teachers. Sometimes it just takes a slight change in perspective.

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