How To Break Free From Your Beliefs


Has the current state of stress the world made you critical of the systems that govern it? Have you thought about which parts of society are worth taking into the future, to our new normal, and what ideas should we consider leaving behind?

We’ve all been told that our stresses don’t really matter, that there’s no point in worrying. But have you ever been told that they don’t really even exist? According to Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani, they’re all a matter of relative truth. During the making of TRANSCENDENCE Season 2 we were on a mission to probe deeper into the social constructs that define us, our education systems, colonial past, industrial era advancements, and the new technocratic revolution. We wanted to crack this culture-scape right open. To take a closer look at our society and discover how it could be causing us stress, pain, and disconnection and envisage a new way that we could do it better.


Vishen is a visionary thinker and leader. He has made his mark on this planet by encouraging a new way of thinking and questioning what we have been told. As a society, we have been immersed in a culturescape; a set of rituals, beliefs, ideologies, dogma, and ideas that are spread from generation to generation. We never question them, because we believe them to be true. We don’t realize that the conditioning only exists in our minds.

The author draws his thinking from Ken Wilber’s theory of the two types of reality. There is absolute truth, that which we know to be true and crosses the bounds of culture, and relative truth, a construct. Everything we understand and believe about love, marriage, relationships, our careers, our ethics, and morality… They are all shaped by relative truth, which doesn’t tangibly exist.

These things that we spend our lives stressing about… They don’t actually exist. They exist in our heads because we are conditioned to believe it.

And if they don’t actually exist, why do we spend so much time worrying about them? Stress can have a devastating effect on our physical, mental, and spiritual health. It’s one of the greatest sacrifices we make as a human race.

Vishen is joined by other experts and visionaries such as Daniel Vitalis, Douglas Rushkoff, Sir Ken Robinson, Sadhvi Bhagawatiji, and Ira Israel, in Episode 1 of TRANSCENDENCE 2, where we begin by diving deep into the story of humanity, so we can discover those parts that are worth saving.

In this episode you will discover:

  • How domestication, industrialization, and colonization have impacted society and how that affects you today.
  • How the education system has shaped our current generation, the importance of creativity, and the impact it has on you and your child.
  • Why our ‘hyper-connected’ world has led to great human disconnection and an increase in depression and anxiety.
  • Why happiness cannot be manufactured or pursued, and why it must come from within.

By recognizing these fatal flaws in our cultural systems, ideologies, and beliefs, we can begin to explore new and creative opportunities for the future. Episode 1 leaves us with the question; if we can’t go back, what is the best way forward?


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