How To Turn Your Sun Salutation Into a Moving Meditation


Want to feel more mindful, peaceful and grounded?  If that’s a yes then we invite you to read on.

If you don’t already know, Sun Salutation A (Surya Namaskar A) is a series of yoga asanas performed in a flowing sequence and a great way to improve strength and gain flexibility of the muscles.

You may be familiar with this sequence as part of your yoga warm up in class, however, we invite you to transform your Sun Salutation A into a moving meditation – Here are some tips to assist:

1. Set an Intention

The reason for setting an intention (Sankalpa) to compliment your moving meditation is to assist in bringing awareness to the virtue or quality you wish to cultivate both on the yoga mat and in your daily life.

Take a moment to tune into your body/mind and set your intention, you don’t need to write it down but you can if that helps.

2. Slow It Down

Begin to slow the movements down – the intention of this flow is not to build heat, but to cultivate movement with mindful attention.

Remember what can be slow for you might be too fast for others and vice versa.  Don’t judge yourself, move in a way that feels natural and comfortable in your body.

3. Move with your breath

This is a major key in transforming your Sun Salutation A into a moving meditation. 

Let your breath guide you.  With each INHALE ground into your body and mind and with each EXHALE release what is no longer serving you.

If you find you are losing track of your breath, simply stop for a moment, close the eyes, recalibrate and connect with your breath and once again begin your flow with ease and grace.

4. Close your eyes

You may wish to start your moving meditation with your eyes open, gaining some muscle memory of the asanas, becoming familiar with your surroundings and your mat.

Experiment with closing down your eyes.

This can be a scary process for some as it places you in a vulnerable position.  However, it can greatly assist in mindfulness of breath and movement.

5. Release any expectations

This is YOUR moving meditation and there is no right or wrong way!  

Experiment with timing, breath rate, eyes open and closed and setting different intentions.  Remember this is your moving meditation, release any self-judgement and just have fun with it.

Remember you are only moments away from feeling mindful, peaceful and grounded, give it a go!


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