I Did Juices, Smoothies & Soups For A Week - Here's What Happened!


I was looking to improve my general health and wellbeing and was feeling tired, bloated, and heavy a lot of the time and it was even showing in my skin. I knew it was to do with some bad eating habits I’d developed from spending a lot of time in front of computers and giving in to the weekend temptations with lots of meals out with friends. Working at Food Matters, I know how to eat healthily, but sometimes I just don’t (we are all humans, right?), and I thought a great way to launch myself into a better routine would be through doing a full 7 day cleanse and starting with a blank slate, so to speak. I knew cleanses had the power to help you lose weight, improve digestion and get better sleep but I was cautious about starting a cleanse that would include extreme detoxing or starving myself, I love my food! A realistic and gentle cleanse was really what I needed because I didn’t want to subsist only on lemon juice or some other fad cleanse that could be hit or miss anyway. So James challenged me to complete the 7 Day Food Matters Cleanse. 

Starting the 7 Day Food Matters Cleanse, it immediately appeared to be a reasonable entry into cleansing and detoxifying, and it felt achievable. I really didn’t know how much I needed to detoxify until I gave the cleanse a go, and to be honest, the changes were amazing. The week-long diet consists of smoothies, teas and beverages, and blended soups; and while I can say it was a little tricky sticking to liquid-based foods for the first time ever, I managed to get through the week and feel a world of difference. 

Here’s A Look At My Cleanse Journey & What Happened Along The Way

I wanted to start on the right track so I began on Sunday, ensuring I had everything I needed for the week. I used James and Laurentine’s recommended shopping list which was a huge help in terms of navigating through my local grocery store. When I got home it was actually exciting and also motivating to see all the fresh produce set out in front of me ready for the challenge. I prepped all of my ingredients, as working full time I wanted to remove any obstacles that would get me off track during the week.

The first couple of days were challenging but I was feeling very impressed with myself. I made sure I didn’t have any big social commitments that would involve drinking or eating out. Getting through the day without my daily bullet-proof coffee was a little tricky if I’m quite honest, but I substituted it with the Creamy Detox Latte from the meal plan which proved to be a great substitute. I certainly experienced some 'routine changes', especially in going to the bathroom. I didn't actually manage to go to the bathroom in the first two days which was a surprise but totally normal I found out. I had a slight headache, likely from coffee withdrawals, but by day three it seemed to even out. A surprising benefit in the first few days was having smoothies and soups planned for each meal, helping somewhat with productivity throughout the day.

From the middle of the week onward, I felt I was in the swing of things but was missing my solid meals at dinner just a little! I found, when I could, following the videos, yoga, and meditations was really helpful to do something in place of sitting down to a meal; and they worked in well with what I was consuming and my mindset of improving my health and wellbeing.  It was great to check in with others inside the FMTV group who had completed the program for a little boost of encouragement and to see if others were as challenged as me. 

Throughout the cleanse I felt very connected and aware of my body, as well as feeling pride in my discipline and patience. I knew the program was great but after finally completing it myself it showed me just how comprehensive and accommodating the cleanse really is. It allows you to have an extra juice or smoothie if you're still hungry - this really helped on Day 1 and Day 2. 

Now For The Results!

I’m happy to say that I did experience far more benefits than I anticipated (wahoo!), including:

  • Weight loss and digestive health: I noticed an increased metabolism, and felt so much lighter, less bloated and my bowel movements became more regular after Day 2. I lost around 2-3 kg which is amazing for one week’s diet change.

  • I cut out caffeine: This was my biggest hurdle. Cutting out caffeine was a big concern for me and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to function through the working day - but I did! An empowering revelation!

  • I slept better: After the first two days, I felt so ready for bed each night and would sink into a deep and restful sleep. Waking up each morning I felt like that time in bed actually did something positive for my energy levels, which was never the case before the cleanse!

  • Glowing skin: At the end of the week, I took a look at myself in the mirror and saw a fresh glowing face, with no little bumps threatening to surface. The increased energy and inner health I was experiencing showed on the outside.

  • Emotional Cleanse: The combination of nourishing food, self-awareness, and mindfulness practice helped me balance my emotional state. The improved sleep I managed to get each night led to more calm and productive days and, in turn, helped with more rest and rejuvenation. I felt (and looked) physically and mentally lighter by the end of the cleanse!

Overall, I had fun experimenting with and eating fresh beautiful ingredients that tasted incredible. I feel rested and energetic and am proud of the achievement of changing up my routine and caring for my body and mind.

I encourage you to give the cleanse a try. It doesn’t shake up your routine too much and ultimately it’s only 7 days. Yet it makes a world difference to your body and mind. The great thing is you can do the cleanse in your own time or with others, and recipes take literally less than 10 minutes to make.

I highly recommend giving the 7 Day Cleanse a go if you feel you want to: 

  • Detoxify your body
  • Feel less sluggish and bloated
  • Lose some stubborn weight
  • Increase energy and feel more focused in your day
  • Know what it is to achieve a restful sleep!
  • Balance your body, and so much more.