Matias Rodriguez

Matias is our senior designer and the magic behind When he isn't making websites and images look amazing he's in the ocean trying to catch the perfect wave. Matias has a love of spicy foods, great coffee, and can cook up a mean vegetarian Empanada.

My Articles

Natural Therapies

How A Health Practitioner Helped Me Get Good A Night's Sleep

Matias Rodriguez Feb 21, 2018

I decided it was time to get some outsider help. Consulting with an online Health Practitioner seemed like the most efficient and practical way …

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I Did Juices, Smoothies & Soups For A Week - Here's What Happened!

Matias Rodriguez Oct 18, 2017

Sluggish? Bloated? Not sleeping well? Here's what happened when I did juice, smoothies, & soups detox and cleanse for one week.

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