Our Holiday Survival Guide


Happy Holidays! Cue the madness! Places to be, people to see, plans to organize, gifts to buy, things to make! Phew! The holiday season can get a little cray-cray at times, it has to be said!
So, how can you do things differently this year to ensure you have your HAPPIEST holiday season yet?
Below are our top ten tips to feeling fabulous over the holidays as you brace a traditionally overwhelming time. It’s time you have your BEST holiday season ever!


This winter, envisage your holiday season and set the intention you want to achieve. What does this time mean to you? Do you want to reach out to those you have lost touch with, or let your family know how much they mean to you? Perhaps you want to spread kindness, or create magic for your children? Choose a theme, and by narrowing in on this intention, you will automatically find it easier to make decisions and plans (and to say ‘no’ to things) – and will feel less chaotic and more on purpose as a result. When the season is over, you will also feel like you have really accomplished something.


When it comes to the busy holiday season, it is vital to keep up a healthy eating routine to ensure your body has all the necessary energy it needs to remain full of vitality. If you don’t, you can end up feeling quite frazzled. There are many foods which can help you feel amazing, so ensure your diet includes a good dose of healthy fats (i.e. nuts, seeds, avocado), complex carbs (such as wholegrain cereals), and proteins. Raw whole foods are the best tonic to keep you pumped, while a green superfood smoothie a day certainly keeps the overwhelm at bay! Stay well-hydrated, and break up lots of socializing with some early nights catching up on sleep. Your body and mind will thank you for it!


For many people, the holiday season can be a painful reminder of sadness, loss and loneliness. When you are confronted by (supposedly) one of the most exciting times of the year, emotions can feel magnified. But don’t despair. Allow yourself to honor your feelings. Take time for yourself, talk to someone, channel your grief into a program of active health, or write your feelings down. Whatever you do, be kind to your psyche and do not dwell alone. Another way of using your raw emotions positively can be to focus on doing something altruistic. Helping others is a beautiful way to turn your sorrow into gratitude. In doing any of these things, you will find you process the season better, and may even experience a glimmer of hope or joy amidst your holiday melancholy. And remember – soon it will be a new year, and you will be able to move on.


Sometimes the holidays can feel like they disappear in a frenzied blur. There is often so much going on that stress takes over, and our ability to be present in the moment vanishes, as we worry about what we should be doing next. What you need to remind yourself is that the holiday season is NOT about completing a big tick list. If you feel like it is, you are missing the point! Give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy it all, truly savoring the moment as you do. In this way, you will ensure that your holidays are filled with a host of treasured memories.


As we know, the true spirit of the holiday season is peace, love and goodwill to all, so why not make this year less about consumption and more about showing the love? It’s easy to do. For example, offering a hamper to a charity for the homeless, gifting toys no longer played with to a community center, or visiting the lonely in an aged care facility, are all simple ways to make a life-changing difference to someone else’s world. And it’s also a great example to set to kids about the true meaning of this time of year.


Life is about perception, and much of how we feel about something is in our mind. These holidays, therefore, why not commit yourself to a positive mindset, focusing on all the beauty, wonder and love in existence at this time of year? If you focus on all the good around you, the universe will reflect back your shining outlook, and amazing things will happen. Try it and see!


There is no better way to take the season by the scruff of the neck than to inject a bit of YOU into it! That’s right, this year, why not start your own tradition? Traditions that revolve around special occasions have been shown to create strong families and friendships, so now is the perfect time to start creating memories for your posse, or even just for yourself. It’s a great way of rediscovering some seasonal magic, and what is more, there are absolutely no rules (as long as it is something you can continue to do each year). It’s time to get creative!


The holiday season can occasionally feel like one big competition – who has baked the most amazing treats/who has performed the most elaborate gift-wrapping/who has handcrafted the most impressive decorations? Don’t let the pressure of other’s expectations (or even your own expectations) take away from your ability to connect with the reason for celebrating. It can, if you let it, be a never-ending game of perfectionism. So this year, step out of the race. Know that your best is absolutely good enough and that the season does not have to be ‘perfect’ to be enjoyed!


Supplements are vital for optimal health, and in times of busyness, even more so, as it is very easy for the body to become depleted of nutrients quickly when overloaded. A good daily natural supplement is therefore essential to keep you feeling well and happy. A high-potency multi-vitamin is always a great idea, together with fish oil for brain health. In addition to this, supplements of both vitamin C (for immunity) and B-complex vitamins (the body’s energy boosters) are hugely beneficial, as both are depleted in times of stress.


Got a huge to-do list? HALF IT! This year is all about embracing your talents and ditching the things you don’t enjoy. Sometimes we can spend so much energy overcomplicating the holiday season that it can become a mission of mercy, which is not pleasant for anyone – not you, and certainly not for those around you. And you know what? People won’t notice if the napkins don’t match the tablecloth, or if you don’t show your face at the latest event. Dump anything this year that doesn’t serve you or those you love in a truly meaningful way. Simplify, and by doing so, succeed in having your best season yet. In fact, some of the greatest times in life can be the unplanned moments, so by removing the time-locked mania you may have suffered in previous years, you open yourself up to some organic fun (and you know how much we love organic)!

Here’s to a happy holiday season full of wellness and vitality for all of us!



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