Relax in 5 Minutes With this Breathing Technique


Pranayama is the science of breath. For most of us, no one actually teaches us to breathe; it's just this innate capacity that we all have. But the truth is that until we learn to breathe consciously, we are only half-alive.

So, the first principle in Kundalini Yoga is to value your breath! Every breath is given to you. “You” are not breathing, but rather something is breathing within you. Think about it... there is this amazing power, energy, or force that breathes within you, right? It's called prana, that subtle essence of the breath, carried to us by air we breathe, that which contains our life energy, that which makes us truly alive.

Breathwork or pranayama is a powerful tool for managing that energy...using rhythm & depth of the breath to affect different energetic states of health, consciousness & emotion.

  • The rate of your breath & the state of your mind are inseparable.
  • The slower you breathe, the more control you have over your mind.

What Are The Health Benefits? 

  • Relaxes and calms, due to the influence on the parasympathetic nervous system, increases the flow of prana, reduces and prevents the buildup of toxins in the lungs by encouraging the clearing of the alveoli
  • Stimulates endorphins that counter depression and brings the brain to a new level of alertness
  • Pumps spinal fluid to the brain, giving greater energy
  • Stimulates the pituitary gland, enhancing the intuition
  • Fills the lungs to capacity and revitalizes and readjusts the magnetic field
  • Cleanses the blood, regulates the body’s pH (acid-alkaline balance), which affects the ability to handle stressful situations
  • Energizes, and increases vitality
  • Aids in releasing blockages in the meridian energy flow
  • Activates and clears the nerve channels
  • Aids in speeding up emotional and physical healing
  • Aids in breaking subconscious habit patterns such as insecurities and fears
  • Aids in fighting addictions
  • Rechannels previous mental conditioning on pain so as to reduce or eliminate pain
  • Improves the capacity to manage negativity and emotions, supporting clarity, coolheadedness, and patience.


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