What the Moon Cycle Can Tell Us About Our Own Monthly Cycles


There’s something so primal and deeply feminine about a woman’s connection to the moon. At its most basic, this bond between the natural rhythm of waxing and waning, pushing and pulling, and darkness and illumination of our closest planetary relation influences Nature’s tides, the seasons, and circadian rhythms. There’s no denying our moon’s overwhelmingly mystical allure and power that we have been observant of and vulnerable to since the beginning of humanity. 

Though no person, animal or thing is exempt from the moon’s impact, women have always had a more intimate reaction to its influence. As the moon waxes and wanes every month, so, too, does a woman’s cycle. This 29.5-day-long monthly cycle seamlessly mirrors a woman’s menstrual cycle, rooting us in this ongoing transformative natural system of rejuvenation, purging, and fertility. Tweet - As the moon waxes and wanes every month, so too does a woman’s cycle.

Today it’s not as easy to observe these similarities between Nature and humanity. Modern society has pulled us away from many of these natural or primal intuitions. No longer is it the norm to sleep under the stars or till soil to grow our own food, for instance. Most of us work in artificial light, keep long office hours, and don’t always look inward to ask ourselves what we really need, or how we feel. We tend to ignore the shift in seasons beyond adding or removing a layer to our wardrobes.

This separation from Nature is often felt more by women. Birth control regulates our cycles, often fighting against the moon’s energy. The hustle and routine of our daily lives demand that we stay even-keel in our moods and energy fluxes. We often hide or quiet our femininity in order to be seen as equals or uninfluenced by our emotional tides. However, It’s when we harness this energy, this bestowed power, that we ultimately are given a leg up in life, allowing us to work with Nature rather than against it, and tap into this bond and primal intuition.

How To Use This Information

Using what is said to be the “typical” model for a woman’s monthly cycle, that is – ovulating on the full moon and bleeding on the new moon, we can track not only when we are more fertile, but also learn more about how the moon’s energy impacts ours on a daily basis. By knowing our own cycles we can better understand our changing moods, energy, and cravings, be more productive, more self-soothing, understanding, etc. 

If you are on the pill or your cycle follows another sequence (perhaps you bleed with the full moon, and ovulate with the new moon, which is another typical cycle), you can still use this pattern to help you understand your changing energy.

And if you wish to change your cycle to be more in line with the moon, you can also do so. Do your best to keep a routine with natural circadian rhythms by working in daylight and sleeping in a very dark room. During the full moon, “moon bathe” or expose yourself to the moon’s light. If this is not doable, sleep with a light on when the moon is full. 

If you are on birth control pills, do your best to sync when you take the placebo pills (when you get your period) with either the full or new moon.

Ovulation Or Mid-Cycle (Full Moon)

Classically, the full moon has represented vitality, the full culmination of potential, and brings a powerful and often raw energy. For those of us that menstruate with the full moon, this can be an outward energy, a time of release and renew. For those us that ovulate with a full moon, it is in these days just after ovulation where we are at our most fertile, making our primal minds and bodies more sexually aroused than the rest of the month, and possibly even more attractive to our partners due to an increase in pheromones.

It can be a time when we are at our most certain, confident in our choices and feel either most grounded in ourselves and femininity, or unrooted in the need for change. The full moon provides potential and a willingness for newness and creativity. We may have the potential to be more active, productive and social.

Weeks Before Menstruation (Waning Moon)

Ahh, PMS; what woman does not know the potential effects of this transitional time. The weeks leading up to our periods, or the luteal phase, is a time when women naturally turn inwards or to those closest to us. We may be less socially inclined, labeled more emotional, and ready to release and cry. It’s a time when we reflect on the month previous, when all the built-up, pent-up energy we didn’t let go of tends to bubble and rise to the surface as our bodies get ready to release, and make way for new energy.  

This is a time when we may require a little more pampering and creature comforts. We can allow ourselves to ease up on our progress or recognize that we may not have everything quite figured out yet. We can allow ourselves to be a little unproductive or unmotivated as our bodies and minds link with an energy of reflection and release vs. one of renew and regain. 

It’s during this time when we may notice everything that’s “wrong” and in need of change in our lives. Don’t think of this as a negative; rather, begin to notice the pattern and trend of your thoughts. If every month your mind turns to how unhappy you are at your job, begin to use this time to reflect on what it is you would rather be doing. 

During this time it’s best to set a schedule or routine that is easy to follow as we may feel unmotivated or uninspired. Perhaps plan your month and dietary “cheat” days by your cycle allowing for those special treats, since it’s during this time that you’ll likely be craving those comfort foods and chocolate.

It’s also a time when we may be more prone to inflammation, when our pain threshold and immunity are at their lowest. So, while we are in need of slowing down and a little extra comfort, don’t throw your routine or self-care out the window. In fact, just the opposite.

Menstruation (New Moon)/Weeks After Menstruation (Waxing Moon)

In a way, women are given a chance to start over each and every month. With the mark of our flow and new energy, represented by the absence of light, the new moon, or dark moon, represents new beginnings. We can think of this time as pressing reset, when all our planning, reflecting, and efforts from the previous month have been released or refreshed and we can start anew, purified and at ease.   

Once in the flow, so to speak, we, too, wax or build with the moon – our energy is outward and upward. We may be more social and productive at this time, as we seem to effortlessly create and inspire. It’s a time to invest in new projects, and lay the foundation for ideas you may struggle with. 

In a sense, we are the purest and best versions of ourselves during this time. We may lead an idealized lifestyle or have a vision for what we strive for. During this phase, when the moon is hidden and dark, it’s time to step out and radiate as the woman you are and want to become.

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