Why The World Needs More Nutrition Coaches


The future of healthcare is nutrition. We know that according to the World Health Organization, approximately 16 million chronic disease deaths occur each year in people under 70 years of age. This is devastating, and entirely preventable - because we have empirical research to prove that diet and lifestyle-related factors are primary contributors to the illness. So using diet and lifestyle factors, like nutrition and natural healing, to prevent and help treat patients with these chronic conditions makes total sense.

But nutrition is not just our future; for generations, this has been a part of our history, with ancient and indigenous cultures embracing a holistic approach to medicine - we only have to cast an eye on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices that exist today. Yet this natural approach to healing is still not seen as the norm and looked down on by mainstream doctors, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and even insurance companies.

Why? Because, unlike mainstream medicine, it’s not a money-making machine. Our ancient cultures were designed to be self-reliant, and so is their approach to healing. It begins and ends with what’s readily available. It’s not to say, of course, that there isn’t a place for mainstream medicine - the hospital is the first place we go if we break a bone or deeply slice a finger. But by adopting a preventative, holistic approach to health, like in natural therapies, as opposed to a reductionist, symptom-treating view - we could not only save our wallets but save our lives from the outset too. Unfortunately, financial influence means this isn’t a priority for the key players.

When it comes to nutrition coaches, they are first-and-foremost a holistic health advocate for their clients. They have a deep knowledge of basic nutrition principles and the education required to provide basic nutrition recommendations to their clients. While they still consider all lifestyle factors for physical, mental, and spiritual health, food is often the focus of their practice. Nutrition coaches typically love healthy food, have an innate desire to help people live their healthiest lives, and a natural curiosity about the way the human body works.

We know that food can be the most powerful form of medicine, so it makes sense that a world with more nutrition coaches is truly a better place.