Why You Should Rest Your Chopped Garlic for 5 Minutes Before Cooking


There are few recipes that I refuse to follow, but there’s one instruction where I always take my own. When a recipe calls for a clove of garlic, I like to multiply that by at least 10. Garlic is a recipe-changing flavor, so I love to add it wherever I can. The best part about garlic is it doesn’t just add a mouthwatering taste, it’s packed with delicious benefits. And I recently found a way to maximize those benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Garlic?

Aside from warding off vampires and making a beautiful pasta sauce, garlic also houses a powerful compound - allicin. It’s mouthwatering, it’s satiating, and there’s an evergrowing list of health benefits that make a case for Team Garlic. Garlic works as a broad spectrum antibiotic, has anti-inflammatory properties, unblocks ears, has powerful nutrients, and works wonders for gut health. 

Allicin - The Magic Compound

So what is allicin? We know that it’s a compound, but what does it do? Research has shown that this compound may help ease swelling and block free radicals that harm cells and tissues within your body and lead to disease. The compound is one of the main active components of garlic and what gives it its distinct taste and scent.

And where do we find it? The chemical is found in fresh garlic. An enzyme called alliinase is activated when the clove is chopped or crushed. This enzyme converts alliin into allicin.

Why You Should Chop Your Garlic And Let It Rest

Pure allicin only remains stable in freshly crushed or cut garlic for a short time. But letting garlic sit for 5-10 minutes after crushing or cutting it may help boost levels. So before you start cooking your garlic straight away, try this simple tip: crush your garlic first. Since finding out this health-promoting info, I now always slice, dice, and smoosh my garlic first. It’s a small difference, but I know it’s the best thing for my health in the long run.

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