Arianna Sertoli

Arianna is an IIN Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher in Brooklyn and Manhattan. She’s also a Beauty counter cosmetic consultant and Aloha contributor. Arianna originally comes from Italy, loves to travel, cook, meet new people and read about healthy living. Find her recipes, tips, events and more on her website and connect to her social platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

My Articles

Health Tips

5 Eating Tips To Live By

Arianna Sertoli Sep 05, 2015

We all have those things we do daily that set us up for a beautiful day, here are just 5 simple things you can …

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3 Body Benefits Of Outdoor Yoga

Arianna Sertoli Sep 02, 2015

Nothing compares to a revitalizing yoga flow. Especially outdoors! Did you know, there are three parts of your body that benefit from outdoor yoga …

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