5 Eating Tips To Live By


Eating and living healthy has become a trend. America’s health issues are rising with epidemics of diabetes, obesity, and cancer; it’s a must to love your body and treat it as nicely as possible so that it can stay vibrant longer. It’s time to make some changes to your lifestyle. Many health coaches or health warriors will tell you that it is possible to stay healthy and happy.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Love Your Morning Lemon After 12 Hours Of Fasting

When you wake up from a night’s sleep (after your body has been fasting for ~12 hours from the last time you had any food) break your fast by drinking room temperature water with the juice of one lemon. You can also add some ginger or cayenne pepper for an extra health and energy 

Lemon has powerful alkalinizing properties and will wake up your body’s internal gears. This yellow fruit will pump up your immune system and help cleanse the liver. Adding ginger is great because it is a potent anti-inflammatory root and if you are a fitness junkie it will help your muscles to recover and reduce post-workout pains.

Cayenne is a detoxifier and also acts as a stimulator of the circulatory system by open and expand capillaries and regulate blood sugar.
When I use cayenne I always add a little raw honey to get some sweet to balance out the spice in the drink.

2. Love Your Fats

America has become scared of fats. Major food labels and the media have, for a long time, sold us “fat-free” products that will supposedly help us “lose weight”. In the New York Times, Mark Bittman talked about how the “good fats” are not at the root of America’s disease problem; Sugars and processed foods are. The word “light” or “fat-free” should start being the enemy, and instead stock on avocado that have great omegas and good fats. Pasture raised and organic butter or clarified butter called “ghee”, olive oil and nut oils are great for salads.

Coconut oil will help you loose weight as well, acting as a great internal disinfectant. Don’t avoid the whole egg but enjoy it! It’s a great morning breakfast idea to give you energy and feed you the right fats, just make sure it’s free-range, cage-free or at least organic. Add a little fat to your cooking or and you will actually lose weight!

3. Hydrate 

Our body consists of 60% water and it needs to be constantly hydrated. Brewed tea, coconut water, maple water and watermelon water are great to replenish or detox but not for re-introducing the right liquid your body needs to keep itself in the perfect balance. Room temperature, filtered water is your best choice.

Avoid tap water, iced water or bottled water as much as possible. Try not to drink too much near or during meals. This is because when you are introducing food, you want your digestive system to be focusing on the solids and not the liquid. Have a big glass of water before eating, and then wait about fifteen minutes to have some more after you finish eating.

4. Stay Away From Refined Sugar

Today you will read in many papers and hear from many doctors to avoid all refined sugars. Reliance on sugar is an epidemic in America, but you can still have something sweet without hurting your body. Refined sugars are damaging to your health, promote addiction and obesity, are linked to cancer and will shorten your life. Who wants any of this? Unfortunately, once again, just because the food system decided to use the words “sugar-free” doesn’t mean it’s better for you or that there is no sugar.

There are only different words used in the ingredients to disguise the sugar and sugar alcohols. Don’t get fooled! Here are my suggestions: use organic maple syrup, raw honey or dates to sweeten your food and your life!

5. Make Green Your Favorite Color

It’s time to check your fridge and your plate and make some changes if there’s not enough green there. Green should be the new favorite color of any health conscious person. Introduce some green juice in the morning! You can use real fresh veggies; add a salad of steamed vegetables to your lunch and some grilled or sautéed ones with your dinner. Make your greens the main meal and add to proteins and grains.

Vegetables are filled with many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The greener, the better! The beauty of mother earth is that it offers us many options; spinach, collard greens, arugula, kale, dandelion, escarole, chard and on. 

Start tossing some greens and love it!

What Are Your Eating Tips You Live By? 

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