Caroline Scott

Caroline, since graduating as a dietitian, has spent the past 14 years working in clinical practice in collaboration with local government, holistic doctors, herbalists, naturopaths, chefs and health retreats. She has co-authored a cookbook for children reflecting her unique nutrition philosophy, of using only wholefoods for good health and using these same whole plant based foods as medicine. She is committed to helping people prevent and reverse disease and her passion is for helping others to achieve these outcomes by encouraging everyone she meets to keep reaching until they attain their highest goals in health, happiness, joy and passion.

My Articles


Why Am I Always So Tired?

Caroline Scott Caroline Scott Mar 26, 2016

Ever wondered why you are so tired all of the time? You're not the only one! Time to find out some tips to help …

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Health Hazards

The Shocking Truth About Calcium Supplements

Caroline Scott Caroline Scott Feb 27, 2016

Recent studies are showing adults are losing up to a third of their calcium stores, leading to even more supplementation of calcium. So what's …

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Health Tips

Is It All In My Head Or Is It My Thyroid ?

Caroline Scott Caroline Scott Jan 30, 2016

Thyroid issues are indicative of more serious problems with one or other systems in the body. So why don't know more about it? Read …

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