Collin McShirley

Collin Christine McShirley is the author of How I Broke Free from Dieting and The Remindful Food and Mood Journal. Her Authentic Eating Program supports losing weight in a healthy way. She has her masters in clinical psychology, certified from the centre for dieting and eating disorders, and specializes in emotional eating and mindful eating.

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Eating Organic On A Budget. It’s Possible!

Collin McShirley Collin McShirley Feb 13, 2016

It doesn’t have to be expensive to eat organic. Discover how you can eat the most delicious and nutritious produce without blowing your budget

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Learning To Eat Mindfully

Collin McShirley Collin McShirley Nov 18, 2015

Without delving too deeply into physical benefits of general mindfulness here, things like reduced stress, lower blood pressure, better sleep habits, and an overall …

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