Delia McCabe

Delia McCabe (PhD) shifted her research focus from psychology to nutritional neuroscience upon discovering nutrition’s critical role in mental wellbeing. Her current research focus is on the relationship between nutrition and female stress and her research has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals and she is also a regular featured expert in the media. Using her background in psychology, combined with evidence-based nutritional neuroscience and neurological strategies, Delia supports behaviour change and stress resiliency within corporates, and for individuals who want to optimize their brain health.

My Articles

Do Women Experience Stress Differently To Men?

Delia McCabe Jan 29, 2021

Does it matter? And is it due to nurture or nature? The discussion about differences between the male and the female brain can quickly …

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Active Living

Fear Or Fads - What's Really Driving Your Health Kick?

Delia McCabe Mar 31, 2015

We all have different reasons for choosing to be healthy. But are they the right ones, based on nourishing and nurturing, or are they …

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Stop Focusing On What To Avoid In Your Diet

Delia McCabe Mar 09, 2015

This is something that we talked about in depth in Hungry For Change... Discover the true power of adding in the good foods, with …

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Health Tips

10 Food Tips To Help Your Brain

Delia McCabe Nov 11, 2014

Although the brain is such a complex organ, determining who we are and how we navigate our way through this world, its maintenance and …

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