Felicity Evans

Felicity Evans is an alchemist and creator, in love with the healing powers of fermented probiotic products. Her passion is handcrafting a range of sparkling probiotic water kefir drinks, called Imbibe Living, that bring the energy and radiance into your everyday life.

She’s the author of “Probiotic Drinks at Home” and the creator of “Kitchen Alchemy,” an online course unleashing the inner Kitchen Goddess in you.

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Healthy Gut, Happy Life: Learn How To Make Your Own Water Kefir

Felicity Evans May 25, 2018

In this video, Felicity teaches us about water kefir and how you can make your own at home. Learn to make your own coconut …

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How Fermentation Is A Meditation Practice

Felicity Evans Mar 31, 2018

The whole nature of fermentation is working with a living organism – it’s like having your own kitchen pet. It helps develop patience and …

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The 'Champagne of Kombucha'? I'll Drink To That!

Felicity Evans Sep 15, 2017

Sweet, tingly, and nutritious, this apple kombucha recipe will be a hit for your tastebuds and a welcome treat for your gut!

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