Healthy Gut, Happy Life: Learn How To Make Your Own Water Kefir


Founder of 'Imbibe Living', Felicity Evans is an Alchemist, Author, Maverick, and Mumma. Felicity started doing probiotic drinks as she battled an unforgiving string of diseases while being a mother and found the cure in probiotics. She’s now passionate about enhancing your life one probiotic drink at a time.

In this episode, Felicity teaches us more about water kefir. Through the process of fermentation, water kefir, which is a living culture, converts liquids into living probiotics. Make your own coconut water kefir which has living probiotics to help gut health leading to better overall wellness.

Remember that your gut is the centrepiece of a nourishing life! If you want to start fermenting, this one's for you!