Kate McBride

Kate McBride lives in the countryside in Donegal in Ireland with her husband and two teenage sons. She has worked full-time in healthcare for the past 31 years and has certificates and a diploma from her study in this discipline and has a special interest in mindfulness, which she practices on a daily basis. So far, she has published one book each in two series “Everyday Made Easy” `and “Nurition365” on Amazon and continues to keep up-to-date with new knowledge as well while writing more books in these two genres. Family commitments, working full-time and writing keep her busy, but she also likes reading, gardening and walking.

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Reduce The Risk Of Cancer With 6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Kate McBride

Cancer. As devastating as this disease can be, here are 6 steps that you can implement to reduce your risk and improve the quality …

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