Reduce The Risk Of Cancer With 6 Healthy Lifestyle Changes


Cancer is one of the most feared and devastating illnesses one can suffer from. Some people equate receiving a cancer diagnosis with getting a death sentence, even though there are many effective treatments and even cures for the disease.

While some people decide to pursue cancer treatment through conventional medical channels, others prefer alternative medicine as a way of achieving a cure or an improvement in symptoms. It is also a common practice to use a combination of conventional and alternative therapies to treat cancer effectively.

Whatever route is chosen in cancer therapy, there is no doubt that prevention of the disease is much better than getting to the stage of having to consider treatment or a cure. Prevention of cancer can indeed be achieved by adopting certain lifestyle habits to give you the best chance of not receiving this most dreaded diagnosis.

These healthy lifestyle habits will be outlined here with suggestions on how to implement them successfully.

1. Stop smoking

There is no doubt among medical professionals that stopping smoking is the single most important thing to do to prevent cancer. Smokers have a high risk of developing lung cancer but the habit is associated with other types of cancer as well as being the cause of other chronic health conditions.

Many people manage to stop and enjoy the freedom and health benefits of doing so as a result. Various ways of stopping smoking can be used successfully and these are listed as follows:

  • Using nicotine replacement therapy such as gum, patches or lozenges can be a great support while quitting
  • Attending a therapist or counselor trained in helping people to quit cigarettes is another option which is often combined with nicotine replacement therapy as outlined above.
  • Some individuals use hypnosis effectively as a means of quitting.
  • It can also be effective to replace the habit of smoking with a healthier lifestyle choice, for example, walking or cycling.

2. Avoid “Sitting Disease”

There is growing awareness about the implications of leading a sedentary lifestyle for the development of cancer in some individuals. Sitting too much, whether driving, sitting at a desk or watching television among other examples has been found to increase the risk of the following types of cancer of the breast, colon, and ovaries . The research also points out that alternating between sitting a lot and working out in the gym is not a viable solution. Being more mobile and active in your daily life, in general, is the best way that improving your lifestyle in this way can reduce the risk of being diagnosed with cancer.

3. Have A Healthy Diet 

Nutrition is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle and it also has implications for reducing the possibility of getting cancer. Basing your diet on plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other foods from plant sources such as beans, nuts, and seeds is an inherent part of a healthy lifestyle. Limiting the amount of processed meat consumed is also an important factor.

4. Avoid Becoming Overweight 

The possibility of developing cancer increases in people who are obese. Having a healthy diet and becoming more active as outlined in the points above are the two key things necessary for maintaining weight within healthy limits. There is a possible reduction in the incidence of cancer of the lung, kidney, breast and colon in people of a healthy weight. This is well worth considering when adopting a healthier lifestyle for its own sake as well as the implications this has for cancer prevention. 

5. Moderate The Amount Of Alcohol Consumed 

Regular, heavy drinking has long been associated with a higher possibility of developing cancer. The length of time drinking, as well as the amount of alcohol consumed over a long period, are the significant factors to be considered in this. Moderate or low levels of alcohol consumption, however, do not pose the same risks as heavy drinking over time.

6. Stay Out Of Strong Sunlight

Too much exposure to the sun can increase the possibility of cancer, especially of the skin.  As part of adopting a healthy lifestyle, stay in the shade in the middle of the day when the sun is strongest, cover your skin to protect it if you are exposed to a lot of sunlight and use sunscreen creams appropriately. It must also be clarified here that daylight exposure is good for optimum production of vitamin D. It is also true that being outdoors is a healthy way of getting fresh air and exercise but it is important to keep the harmful effects of the sun in mind when engaging in outdoor pursuits.


Finally, it must be said that even though all of the lifestyle changes proposed above are positive for reducing the risk of cancer, they will also have benefits for improved health in general in your everyday life.

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