Kirsty Wirth

Kirsty Wirth is an educator, Integrative Health Coach, Mindd Org Ambassador, mother of two children and the founder of Kultured Wellness, a company dedicated to providing education, knowledge and gut healing products. From Kirsty's passion for fermenting she also developed the Kultured Wellness Kefir and Yoghurt cultures to make fermenting quick and easy, plus she is also the co author of the incredible 'Gutalicious' Book, a complete fermenting bible and an inspiration to any fermenting enthusiast.

She is a real guru when it comes to all things fermenting and is truly passionate about ensuring our next generation reaches their full potential. Kirsty is a regular on many podcasts and you can find her throwing her enthusiasm into podcasts such as Low Toxx Life, The Melissa Amborisini Show, The Real Food Real, A Quirky Journey and Up For A Chat.