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Liana is an advocate for a consistently healthy lifestyle using a wholesome diet & natural lifestyle, by focusing on everything the Earth provides naturally. She grew up in Alice Springs, in Outback Australia and learned from the aboriginal people at a young age about their diet, connection to nature & spirit, and Ancient Healing Techniques.

Liana graduated from Charles Darwin University where she began indulging in processed foods, which ended up being a 5-year long addiction to junk foods, and vicious binge eating and emotional eating cycle. This landed Liana in hospital at 21 with a diagnosis of a stage 1 cancer, in the form of a golf-ball-size tumor in her lymphatic system, chronic fatigue, and Epstein Barr virus.

Liana was fed up with suffering every day and wanted to shed excess weight, clear her skin, feel more positive, sleep better, and repair her digestive system, and so she created "The Earth Diet" blog where she committed to eating only foods straight from nature for 365 days. The concept went viral and led to her traveling the world teaching about nutrition including to nurses, doctors, school students, teachers and corporations including the NYPD. Liana has written two worldwide bestsellers, "The Earth Diet" and "10-Minute Recipes" (published by Hay House with a foreword by Mark Hyman. M.D) which have appeared on television and radio including Fox News, NBC, and WABC. Liana is based in NYC.

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5 Foods to Help Fight Cancer

Liana Werner-Gray

The doctors and nutritional experts with whom I have spoken, and the articles and research studies I have spent a decade reading, all point …

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