Michael Tamez

Michael Tamez is the owner and founder of Pizza Beer Yoga, a lifestyle brand designed to encourage balanced living. Michael is a healthy living advocate on a mission to upgrade the outdated approach to health & wellness. He lost over 100 pounds and reversed his life-threatening illnesses without surgery, medications, or dieting. Michael's intention is to help you discover what works exclusively for your body. He believes everyone should have the privilege to live a balanced life – free from guilt, shame, and limitation. Enjoying craft beer and delicious pizza after working hard and exercising all week is what balanced living is all about. Cheers and Namaste!

My Articles

Natural Therapies

Are You Sick Of Medication? Discover A More Natural Way!

Michael Tamez Michael Tamez Dec 05, 2015

Discover the importance of listening to your body and reducing your need for medication.

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Healthy Home

6 Steps For Clean, Healthy Air In Your Home

Michael Tamez Michael Tamez Nov 07, 2015

Your home could be full of toxic air, especially if you have carpeted flooring! Follow these powerful, tested-and-true tips to effectively improve the quality …

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Health Hazards

Are You Being Fooled By Nutrition Labelling?

Michael Tamez Michael Tamez Oct 17, 2015

Are you being deceived by the creative marketing of nutrition labels? The chances are that you are. It's time to become smarter than the …

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