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In my opinion, the title of this article accurately describes the general state of human beings. It is almost as if people are in some sort of a robotic, brainwashed trancelike state of being. If you have a cold, take a pill. If you’re feeling depressed, take a pill. If your blood pressure is high, take a pill. If your dog died, take a pill… and so on and so forth.

We have reached a new low in keeping ourselves high.

What Is Your Distraction?

We distract ourselves from reality, but most of all, we distract ourselves from ourselves. Recently, I was driving past a local drug store and couldn’t help but notice the big bright red letters that reside on the side of the building that spell out pharmacy. However, on this particular night, the P was not lit up. I laughed in delight as I read the new word that emerged in absence of the P. It read: HARMACY. What a wonderful new word I thought; so completely perfect given the nature of the matter it is describing.

Drugs Have Their Purpose – And they’re Not For Wellness And Prevention

I want to make sure I am very clear when I say I am not anti-doctor, anti-medication, or anti-drugs. There is a need and place for all three, when used responsibly and ethically. I am, however, highly opposed to the purposeful misuse and abuse of medication. It also hits a nerve when prescription medications are not thoroughly tested for safety, and people unquestionably take them anyways. It is up to you to find out what symptoms the side effects can and may cause, not your doctor’s responsibility. They really have no clue either!

Talk To Your Doctor About…

There are way too many drugs introduced (almost daily), for doctors to keep up with everything. There is no way they can provide a complete, end all be all list of possible side effects for any given medication. As they say, “Don’t blame the messenger”, doctors are just the middle person in between you and the big pharmaceutical companies. If those big pharma companies could have it their way, they would market and sell you their medications directly. Even though the ridiculous medication commercials and printed drug ads appear as though drug companies are marketing to you, they are actually not. The specific reason is because of the wording at the end of the commercial or ad. This is the wording: “talk to your doctor about…”

Doctors Are Legal Drug Dealers!

It is that statement alone which allows these multi-billion income earning global pharmaceutical companies to legally market their products to you. All they have to do is reward the doctors handsomely for doing their dirty work. I would like for you to really understand and consider this concept, it is very important. This is corruption and deception at its very finest. We are not being informed of what is really going on within our own government and medical system. It occurs to me that far too many people are on prescription medications they don’t need. This especially appears to be evident for treating common health issues that may be corrected with an integrated, whole-body approach, which infuses research with healthy and balanced living.

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies.
~Friedrich Nietzsche

It Is Time To Wake UP…

Please, my beloved brothers and sisters, it is time to wake up! Start listening to your bodies, minds and hearts. Many common ailments you may be taking meds for can possibly be cured or reversed if you bring your attention and focus into the NOW. If you would just take a moment to step back and observe what the cause of your symptoms are, and start believing that you are a powerful human being with the potential for healing, a lot of our illness and resignation about life could be cured. We must start inquiring within and listening to our inner guidance. The place to start is with you. 

Educate Yourself

Your doctor does not know who and what you are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – but you do. You know yourself better than any medical professional and have the innate ability to live a healthy and balanced life that is “symptom free”. Be willing to find balance and peace within your own self. Only YOU are capable of this, not a person in a white lab coat or an orange and white bottle. Once you start educating yourself by researching and asking lots of questions, you will discover your own answers that work for you exclusively. This is the basis of what health coaching is and as a certified Holistic Health Coach, I firmly believe people are going to start demanding this type of solution because they are sick and tired of not being listened to by their doctors. 

Are you ready to be your own health hero?

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