Health Resources

Finding help and connecting with like minded people is an essential part of the healing process. Being able to openly communicate with others and gain knowledge from others experience can be very beneficial.

In this section we have listed the books and authors which have influenced us in creating 'Food Matters'. All of these books we have read (and highlighted, underlined, photocopied and shared) and highly recommend to you.

Vitamin and mineral supplementation continues to be a contentious issue amongst health professionals. Learn about the importance of supplementation, wholefood vs synthetic supplements and about how to design your own supplement program.

Finding a good natural health care practitioner can often be like looking for a needle in a haystack. This page provides a list of links to holistic practitioner directories for countries around the world.

The world wide debate on the effects of conventional farming practices on soil fertility is getting a lot of attention. And so it should, as many start taking ecologists' warnings more serious and are discovering for themselves that maintenance of soil fertility is critical to the sustainability of our food supply.

The internet can be a very helpful and at the same time very frightening place. We here are Food Matters have filtered through much of the fluff that it out there and do our best to provide you with access to solid information. Here are some of the websites that we follow and value.

Few exercise modalities offer such scope for health improvement as yoga. Yoga exquisitely blends techniques which promote muscle tone, flexibility, proper breathing, mental clarity, stress relief and peace. Whilst yoga was traditionally used as a path to spiritual enlightenment, yoga is valuable to people of all faiths and is practiced more commonly in western society for its physical benefits.