The Honest Yet Hilarious Journey of Finding Inner Peace with Frank Ferrante

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We often come across people who have everything yet suffer with depression, anxiety or adrenal fatigue; and those with nothing who are overflowing with happiness and fulfillment.

In this week's podcast episode, James chats with Frank Ferrante. If you haven’t heard of Frank, he is the star of his own film called May I Be Frank - which is Frank’s honest, yet hilarious, journey to a healthier version of himself.

James asks the questions, gaining a deeper insight into Frank's transformation of body and mind during the course of the documentary. Frank goes beyond the physical and lifestyle changes he experienced during his overhaul and delves into the mental challenges he had to overcome to truly become at peace.

In this interview, we dive into an incredibly important aspect of Franks health journey: Emotional cleansing & transformation. You will also discover:  

  • The childhood traumas and abuse he faced that lead him to have an unhealthy life as an adult
  • How living unaligned with his core beliefs lead to a deep depression
  • The few yet powerful words that his spiritual advisor asked in order to find forgiveness of himself
  • How finding his inner sense of wealth and fulfillment began to change how he approached everything in life with love

Remember, similar to Frank we all face health challenges, but with simple changes in habits, we can make profound changes in the way we feel.

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