Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead: How Juicing Was the Remedy with Joe Cross

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Mother Nature is miraculous, knowing exactly what our bodies need and providing it. So what happens when we turn our back on her? And can she heal the mistakes we've made?

In this week’s podcast episode, James interviews Joe Cross - entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, and wellness advocate - about his journey to health and how he maintains his newly formed healthy lifestyle.

In this week's episode with Joe you’ll also discover:

  • The emotional elements of making peace with your body
  • The moment Joe realized he was in trouble, and why he knew he had to turn back to mother nature to heal
  • The real difference between a smoothie & a juice - how Joe chooses which to consume & when
  • What a health 'reboot' looks like and why Joe swears by these
  • What Joe's 'Day On A Plate' looks like today and how he's maintained his new found health
  • Plus, what he recommends for anyone struggling with stubborn weight, low energy, autoimmune conditions, or unhealthy eating habits.

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