The Power of Meditation, Yoga & Self-Love to Transform Your Life with Koya Webb

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Could meditation and yoga be the key to overcoming fear and anxiety, reducing stress, sleep better, leading to a better connection with yourself? In this week's podcast episode James and Koya dive deep into how powerful meditation, yoga, and self-love can be! 

Koya Webb is an internationally recognized yoga teacher, personal trainer, holistic health and wellness coach, author, and motivational speaker. From a young girl growing up in country town Tennessee to fitness model in California, the lessons that she learned along her journey are inspiring and uplifting. It’s these lessons that push her to share her passion with the world. You never fail, unless you stop trying.

In this week's podcast episode you will discover: 

  • How growing up as an outcast, pushed her to be an overcomer
  • The drastic changes she has made in her diet throughout her life
  • How she started to embody mental, spiritual, and physical fitness
  • Her journey into using meditation and yoga 
  • The group support that helped keep her motivated and pushed her to even greater success
  • Why self-love is the most important aspect of her life
  • The best daily self care rituals 

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