How Overcoming Fear & Stress Can Help You Heal with Chris Wark

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The mind-body connection - we know it’s powerful, but did you know that it actually has the ability to create or cure chronic disease - especially when stress and fear are involved?

In this week’s podcast episode, join author, speaker, health coach, and founder of ‘Chris Beat Cancer’, Chris Wark. When it comes to battling stress in the face of severe illness, there is no one better.

Chris shares his life-changing decisions and mindset he took on when faced with a death sentence - the C word. It was these mind shifts that took him from stressed out and full of fear, to healthy and cancer free, today.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • How Chris went from fear-driven cancer patient to confident cancer survivor and thriver
  • How Chris used the power of nutrition to help him heal
  • Why breaking negative thoughts and emotions is crucial for healing
  • How to connect the mind & body to facilitate a healing process
  • How your fear and stress negatively affect your health
  • Learn the free techniques you can start using today to help you overcome fear, stress, and regain your health

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