How Studying Nutrition Changed My Life with James Colquhoun

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When was the first time you came across a new idea about nutrition?

I remember the first time I was confronted with these new, ‘radical’ ideas about nutrition. I was at a Tony Robbins conference, struggling with my own health. And what I discovered in that workshop changed my life.

Why was I not taught this at school? Why was I not taught this by my parents? Why was I not taught this by my family physician, with all of modern medicine’s miracles and food pyramids?

Fed up with struggling with my own health at the time, I thought maybe changing my diet with this new, powerful information might help to improve my symptoms. And as my diet shifted, so did my symptoms. That was my first ‘aha’ moment.

That was when I decided to go deeper. There was so much conflicting information around nutrition, and I didn’t know what was going to help me. So I decided to head ‘back to school’ and started studying nutrition online.

What I uncovered in my studies still shocks me. So much of the nutrition information that we’ve been fed our whole lives is influenced by huge financial food players - and it doesn’t stop there. Healthcare is funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Agricultural practices are influenced by government policies.

And this is having a profound impact on our health. Unfortunately, we aren't taught about real nutrition in school. We have a medical profession that is rarely trained to use food as medicine, and the multi-billion dollar fast-food and pharmaceutical industries thrive on misleading consumers.

Studying nutrition changed my life. It helped me cut through the confusion of paleo, veganism, plant-based, intermittent fasting, and more to experience lasting energy, vitality, and improved immunity. It changed not only my life, but that of those around me, for the better.

In this week's special episode with me, James Colquhoun, you’ll discover:

  • How to find the careers and pathways that belong to you, free from society’s expectations.
  • The easiest way to turn your passion for nutrition into a thriving career.
  • Why the multi-billion dollar fast-food and pharmaceutical industries thrive on misleading consumers, and how this causes confusing nutrition advice.
  • How studying nutrition online helped me change my life, heal my own health, and heal my father’s health, plus inspired a global health movement.
  • Plus much, much more.

Studying nutrition online was just the start of an incredible, life-long journey, one that I’m not sure I’ll ever truly reach the end of. But I do know that I am so grateful for beginning the journey all those years ago, and I recommend it to everyone.

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  • “I'm a Food Matters Nutrition Coach, Here's How It's Transformed My Life” (video)

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