How to Conquer Candida, Control Cravings & Restore Your Gut with Donna Gates

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Supporting a healthy gut has a massive significance to our overall well-being contributing to stronger immunity, heart and brain health, better moods, higher energy levels, and also minimizing and preventing disease within the body. Fueling our bodies with nutrient-enriched clean food and clearing out toxins within the body has proven to be a powerful pathway to health and wellness. 

Renowned nutrition and gut health expert, Donna Gates has been immersed in the wellness world for over 25 years helping countless people create healthy life choices through her groundbreaking work and book, The Body Ecology Diet. In this discussion, we dive into Donna’s general food principles for healthy living, and how supporting good bacteria within the gut can help us to get well and understand what is right for our individual bodies. 

In this week's episode with Donna Gates, you’ll discover:

  • The founding principles of The Body Ecology Diet and the interaction and communication of microbes within your gut. 
  • Our microbiome, also known as our Inner-Eco System (balancing good and bad microbes that may need to be removed),
  • Colonics and enemas: What they are, how to do them & how they could save you from disease.
  • How to stall aging by focusing our attention on clearing toxins inside the body.
  • How microbiome affects you and the root cause of sugar cravings.
  • How Candida and yeast overgrowth start, and how to treat naturally - identifying symptoms and rectifying the issue.
  • How rectifying yeast infections can assist with autism.
  • Donna’s morning rituals to kick start your day - The Body Ecology Diet.
  • Evaluating the pros & cons of bone broth.
  • When to reintroduce certain food after fixing issues within the body.
  • Cooking tips & techniques to reduce oxalates.
  • Plus, so much more. 

Restoring and prioritizing good gut health can create a flow-on effect to your overall health and wellbeing. This chat will empower us with the knowledge and insights in order to be able to start towards positive change in the right direction. 

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  • 5 things that could be contributing to candida (article)
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  • Food to fuel the microbiome (article)
  • Morning Green Smoothie with Cucumber (recipe)

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