How to Upgrade Your Breakfast to Feel Good All Day with Laurentine ten Bosch

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Starting the day with the right breakfast really can be the secret to feeling good all day. In this solo episode with me, Laurentine we discuss fueling our bodies with foods that can sustain our energy all day long to avoid the dreaded sugar crash or hunger pangs! We look at our diets and how we can balance our moods and emotions through creating the best food choices. I give some guidance and easy recipes to make it as simple as possible to upgrade your breakfast. I promise it is not as hard as it seems!

In this week's episode with me, Laurentine you’ll discover:

  • How to re-imagine what breakfast can look like.
  • Ways to balance our moods through low GI and alkalizing foods.
  • Replacing fast fuel breakfasts with slow-burn fats and proteins.
  • Smoothie recipes - consuming good fats and proteins easily.
  • James and Laurentine’s favorite breakfast from the new Food Matters Cookbook.
  • Salads and snacks your kids will love.
  • And so much more!

There are so many exciting meals to try out for breakfast. You can find more easy and delicious breakfast recipes and snacks in the Food Matters Cookbook. 

Episode resources:

  • Food Matters Cook Book (link)
  • Study Nutrition Online with Food Matters (website)
  • Four of the best oils to cook with (article)

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