5 Benefits of Drinking Mushroom Coffee


There are few trends in the health and wellness space that surprise us these days. From drinking crystal-charged water to sunning our ‘nether regions’, we’ve definitely seen it all. So when I discovered mushroom coffee, as a recovering caffeine addict, I was instantly sold. It’s appeared across social media and in some of the coolest cafes in the world, but is it really worth the switch?

Well, science seems to think so. Here are 5 benefits of drinking mushroom coffee.

1. Strong Immune-Enhancing Properties

Before we dive too deep, it’s important to know this - the benefits of mushroom coffees are largely due to the benefits of the mushrooms themselves. So that being said, the benefits of one mushroom coffee may differ from the next, but as many offer a concentrated blend of the most potent immune-enhancing mushrooms.

2. Liver Function & Cholesterol Support

Mushrooms have been long praised for their widespread capabilities, especially when it comes to detoxifying and regulating the body. Liver function is more burdened now than ever before, with the increase in toxins in our modern life, and we’re consuming more bad cholesterol than ever before. Mushroom coffee and play a significant role in liver function and cholesterol support.

3. A Rich Source of Selenium, Magnesium & Zinc

These three minerals are some of the most important essential nutrients needed for a healthy body, however, they’re also three that we most commonly experience low levels of or deficiency in. While there are lots of different sources of the essential minerals in foods (and you can find out some of our favorites here), mushroom coffee is a great start. It will often depend on the type of mushroom that forms the base of your blend, but most coffees are rich in these essentials.

4. Cognitive Support, Including Memory & Concentration

Mental clarity is a huge one, and it’s often overlooked. While a lot of hot beverages can include ingredients that work against the brain, mushrooms have long been loved for cognitive support. Reishi mushroom in particular has been linked to marked improvement in memory and concentration, both short-term and for longevity.

5. Kick The Coffee Habit!

I’ve never been able to give up a coffee in favor of a superfood tonic or a tea, but mushroom coffees come quite close. While there are many health benefits that can be attributed to coffee, the overload of caffeine can make me a bit skittish and restless. Mushroom coffee has a similar earthy taste to the traditional bean, and has been the best substitute I’ve found in a long time.

So for whatever reason you’re looking for a new go-to beverage, make mushroom coffee the next cup you try.