Low Mood, Depression & Anxiety? How Healing IBS & Leaky Gut Could Help with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

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The key to healing your gut is understanding the root cause of the symptoms contributing to your gut issues. Bloating, gas, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, skin issues, and even food sensitivities, are accepted as the norm in today’s society. In fact, many people put up with these uncomfortable symptoms for most of their lives without understanding why they are there. The truth is that the presence of these symptoms is your body’s way of communicating to you that there is a deeper issue. However, there are ways that you can take control of the health of your gut, so that you can thrive and heal from health challenges such as leaky gut, IBS, autoimmune disease, and even depression, anxiety, and low mood.

In this episode, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, Qualified MD and Gastroenterologist, author of Fiber Fuelled, the Fiber Fuelled cookbook, and founder of PlantFed Gut.com; joins me to discuss a holistic approach to healing the gut through diet, by restoring the microbiome with good bacteria allowing your body to innately heal itself.

In this week's episode with Dr. Will you’ll discover:

  • The link between managing anxiety and depression through diet.
  • Foods to include and avoid for a healthy gut
  • Healing from IBS, Crohn's Disease, leaky gut, and other related gut concerns
  • Relieving brain fog and finding clarity
  • How your digestion is reliant on healthy microbiomes and gut health
  • Which non-food practices are also beneficial for a healthy microbiome
  • The benefits of a high fiber diet & the different types of fiber available to you
  • How the diversity of plants in your diet can lead to a healthy gut microbiome
  • And so much more!

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