Can Your Thoughts Create Your Reality? How Shifting Your Language Can Lead to a Better Mental and Physical State with Jean Sheehan

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You may have heard the saying; “thoughts create things”. Did you know that a repeated thought can have a powerful effect on your life, your relationships, and the world around you?

The language you use (whether positive or negative) and the stories you tell yourself and others, can reflect back as physical experiences, emotions and the quality of your health and wellbeing.

Renowned Medical Intuitive, Jean Sheehan joins me to discuss this concept and explore how you can live a higher vibration life by choosing better thoughts, creating awareness around your food choices, and learning to communicate with what your body telling you, through understanding ailments, pain, and illnesses you are experiencing within the physical self.

Jean is about helping people with new beginnings, new life, and manifesting all their heart desires to design their destiny, according to the ancient wisdom of the past and the new quantum mechanics of the future.

About Jean Sheehan

Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognized Medical Intuitive, also known as the ‘Walking Talking MRI’, she is also the author of the ‘Millennium Modality & Principal of Millennium Education.

Jean helps those ready for the next evolutionary step of awakening, self-development, and the connection with absolute empowerment, getting them ready to awake to true potentiality, possibility, and ascension to create an absolute empowered life.

In this week's episode with Jean Sheehan you’ll discover:

  • Her unique gift of seeing the “internal body” from birth.
  • What medical intuition is and how it works.
  • How to stop suppressing your gifts, and start embracing them.
  • Why holding back on your authentic self can create disease.
  • How to banish disease through food.
  • Why conscious eating and choosing high-vibration foods help you to thrive.
  • How language and belief systems can prevent sickness and disease.
  • Why using seasonal foods & produce from nature to help you thrive.
  • Jean’s powerful morning routine.
  • And so much more.

Episode resources: 

  • Follow Jean Sheehan (instagram)
  • Learn more about Jean Sheehan (website)
  • Watch Transcendence Documentary Series to help you to understand how the power of your thoughts can shape your life, your relationships, and the world around you (film)

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