How To Optimize Your Mental Health & Wellbeing with Mushrooms with Alli Schaper

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Mushrooms have been a hot topic, not only for their incredible nutritional benefits but also for their ‘magical’ benefits around consciousness and mental health. Joining us to discuss how mushrooms can change the world, is Alli Schaper, mental health advocate and is passionate about the legalization of microdosing psychedelics for optimal human wellness.

Although the use of mushrooms dates back thousands of years with Chinese medicine, they are only now becoming more mainstream and emerging widely within the wellness community for their medicinal values, with different species offering different functions and benefits.

There are a variety of ways in which you can incorporate mushrooms to optimize your life, from functional mushrooms to improve physical health, immunity and overall vitality; to psychedelic mushrooms for mental shifts, radical transformation and clearing and releasing trauma.

Alli Schaper, passionate mental health advocate, joins me to discuss the profound life changing effects of Mushrooms, and her mission to increase the education around this topic to help others incorporate them into their daily routine and lifestyle.

About Alli Schaper

Alli Schaper is the CEO & Co-Founder of Into The Multiverse, an education-first ecosystem for all things fungi. She is passionate about bringing the future of psychedelics and microdosing to the mainstream wellness conversation.

All and her team created the world's first functional mushroom marketplace, The Multiverse, alongside SuperMush, their in-house brand. She is also the host of Into The Multiverse, a podcast for conversations with thought leaders and experts across everything from functional fungi to psychedelic medicine.

In this week's episode with Alli Schaper you’ll discover:

  • The benefits of functional and psychedelic mushrooms (and what they are).
  • How you can improve your gut health and overall vitality by incorporating mushrooms into your daily routine.
  • The wide variety of mushrooms on the marketplace, and how they help us.
  • How psychedelic mushrooms can improve mental health, heal trauma and spark radical life transformation.
  • Alli’s mission to increase education and pathways around the use of mushrooms.
  • The difference between Micro dosing v’s Macrodosing.
  • The history of how psychedelics came to be.
  • How you can incorporate mushrooms into your daily routine for optimal health.

Episode resources:

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  • Learn more about The Mutiverse (website)
  • Learn more about Super Mush (website)
  • Watch Transcendence Documentary Series (film)

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