Using Food as Medicine: From Anxiety to Cancer with Liana Werner-Gray

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Do you want to use food to overcome issues such as anxiety, depression, and even cancer?

We are strong believers that food is our medicine, and that the right nutrition can help to heal many different health conditions.

In this episode, we highlight the connection between food and healing with Liana Werner-Gray, founder of The Earth Diet and author of the Earth Diet Book, Cancer-Free with Food, and Anxiety-Free with Food.

We discuss how going back to nature is the best nutrition practice, even in a modern world; the top foods we should be eating and those we should be avoiding to reduce the effects of health conditions; and how much of an important role our gut health plays in our overall health and immunity.

About Liana Werner-Gray

Liana Werner-Gray is a Best-Selling Author, Celebrity Chef, Certified Nutritionist, Founder of The Earth Diet; a lifestyle that helps people heal naturally. She is an advocate for a consistent healthy lifestyle using a wholesome diet & natural lifestyle. After healing herself of many negative health conditions including a stage 1 golf-ball size tumor and an unhealthy relationship with junk food, Liana created “The Earth Diet” blog where she committed to eating only foods straight from nature for 365 days. The concept went viral and led to her traveling the world teaching about nutrition including to nurses, doctors, school students, teachers and corporations including the NYPD.

In this week's episode with Liana, you’ll discover:

  • What foods to avoid when it comes to relieving anxiety and mental health issues.
  • Top anxiety-relieving foods.
  • How gut health is linked to mental health.
  • Top cancer-preventing foods.
  • Which unhealthy fats are doing harm to the body.
  • Why chocolate is so good for your health.
  • And so much more!

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