How to Better Handle Disasters by Shifting Our Perspective with Kat Finnerty

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If you knew the quality of your thoughts could affect your reality, would you choose to think differently?

You could have more power than you think when it comes to your experiences. By simply choosing more positive thoughts and consciously repositioning your perspective, you could significantly improve your life and minimize the effects of trauma or disease. In the episode, Kat Finnerty discusses the connection between the quality of your thoughts and your personal experiences.

About Kat Finnerty

Kat Finnerty is an author, yoga teacher, fitness expert, nutritionist, and certified master of disaster; we discuss how Kat cured herself of the debilitating symptoms of MS by re-framing her thoughts, staying active, and maintaining a nutritious diet.

In this week's episode with Kat Finnerty you’ll discover:

  • How your thoughts can play a significant part in creating your reality.
  • How to reframe your mind to overcome symptoms of disease, pain, and trauma.
  • Kat’s personal healing story: From wheelchair-bound to a life of mobility.
  • The benefits of practicing meditation for resilience.
  • Why the language we choose is so helpful in shifting your mindset.
  • And so much more!

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