Healing Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Nature Immersion & Plant Medicine with Cathy Coyle

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Have you ever felt a draw to connect with nature in a deeper way than ever before? Nature immersion and plant medicine are two powerful tools that more people are embracing as they seek out ways to come back into balance with their inner being.

In this episode, I am joined by Cathy Coyle, and we discuss the ideas of merging psychology with spirituality to embrace practices such as nature immersion, plant medicine, and psychedelics.

About Cathy Coyle

Cathy combines her expertise in Coaching Psychology (MA) and Leadership studies with shamanic medicine and ancient nature-based traditions. She is a transpersonal coach, Psychologist, and Modern Medicine woman, empowering awakening women to speak their truth, find purpose, and make an impact.  Her work offers a multi-faceted pathway toward accessing your highest potential, healing, and awakening. 

In this week's episode with Cathy, you’ll discover:

  • Who should be using plant medicines.
  • The difference between non-psychedelic and psychedelic plant medicines.
  • What a nature vigil is and how you can participate in one.
  • The idea of transpersonal psychology and how it’s related to mysticism.
  • The importance of building connections with a like-minded community.
  • And much more!

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