​​From Chronic Illness to Thriving Wellness Business with Tian Evans

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Do you or a loved one struggle with unexplained pain, illness, or symptoms that you simply can’t get answers about? Embarking on a healing journey can be difficult when every door seems to keep getting shut. In this week’s podcast, you are going to hear from Tian Evans on how she persisted in finding answers to her health issues, how it saved her life, and eventually gave her the tools she needed to start her own wellness business. 

About Tian Evans

Tian’s passion for health and wellness has undeniably been fuelled by the relentless search for the hole in her heart. She never expected to have heart surgery before 30, the catalyst for her wellness journey and the purpose behind launching her business, Sage Events.  

In this week's episode with Tian Evans, you’ll discover:

  • Tian’s story of discovering she had a hole in her heart
  • How to intuitively know your own body and learn to advocate for it
  • How Tian turned her passion for wellness into a purpose-led business
  • Tian’s non-negotiable tips for a healthy lifestyle
  • And so much more! 

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