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The journey of discovering your true-self doesn’t happen overnight. Oftentimes, it’s a lifelong journey of staying in touch with your own authenticity while you simultaneously grow and evolve as a person. There are many tools you can use to help along the way to help you stay connected to yourself such as breathwork and meditation. In this episode with Ryan Haddon, you will learn more about her story of discovering her life’s purpose and how she uses that to help others.

About Ryan Haddon

Ryan Haddon is a certified Life and Spiritual coach, Hypnotherapist, and certified Meditation teacher with over 18 years of experience with clients around the world. A sought-after public speaker for corporate retreats and wellness events, Ryan runs private workshops such as “Stepping Into Your Purpose,” “The Work/Life Balance,” and “Finding Your Center.” Ryan also offers online courses and group coaching with “The Relationship Triumvirate” and “Sovereign Women.”

She has experienced many transitions in her life; such as going from living in Hollywood to moving to a beautiful farm in rural Pennsylvania and starting her career as a life coach. After going through pivotal moments in her life while living in Hollywood, she now helps others find their way, navigate change and rediscover their joy in life. 

In this week's episode with Ryan Haddon, you’ll discover:

  • The importance of knowing your value and worth and how the way you speak to yourself impact this
  • The key determinant of how to discover the magic inside of you
  • Ryan’s personal story of leaving the glitz and glam of her Hollywood life to farm life in Pennsylvania
  • How to set healthy boundaries on social media
  • The power of breathwork and meditation and how you can incorporate it in your own life
  • And so much more!

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