Using Cacao to Optimize Your Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing with Brenden Durell

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Did you know that food can have an impact beyond your physical health? Certain foods have the power to influence your emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Cacao is one of those plants and has been used since ancient civilizations as so much more than just a food. In this episode with Brenden Durell, we discuss his journey with intentional cacao and how we can all incorporate it to experience a greater overall wellbeing. 

About Brenden Durell:

From professional athlete to teaching physical education in East Africa, Brenden Durell’s journey has led him on a mission to coach others in taking back control of their own lives. His life’s work is now as an intimacy expert, lifestyle coach, and tantra guide. 

Several years ago, he embarked on a journey with intentional cacao - the catalyst for expanding his heart and unlocking a transformation that led him to do the work he is doing today. 

In this week's episode with Brenden Durell, you’ll discover:

  • Brenden’s personal experiences of how cacao changed his life
  • The properties and powers of cacao that most people don’t know about
  • How to prepare and consume cacao to maximize its benefits
  • Why choosing a high quality, ethically sourced cacao is important
  • What tantra is and common misconceptions about it
  • And so much more!

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