Hormone and Thyroid Health; Disruptors to Avoid and How to Balance Naturally Dr. Tami Meraglia

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If you're suffering from unexplained weight gain (no matter what you eat or don't), disrupted sleep (like being wide awake at 2:30 am), fatigue, muscle aches, or sweating, decreased sex drive, or dry, dull, or irritable skin then, this episode is for you! 

Many of us can recognize the common signs of hormonal imbalance; PMS, weight gain, mood changes… The list can feel endless.

What we often neglect are the less obvious signs. The fatigue, the stress, the trouble sleeping, even our hair health and bone health. And that’s what we’re here to explore today.

In this week’s podcast, Dr. Tami Meraglia explains exactly why these symptoms of a hormonal imbalance are so common, plus what to do to minimize the effects and rebalance your hormones naturally. This episode comes from the archives of our Masterclasses and it’s just too good not to share with you here on the Food Matters Podcast. 

Dr. Tami Meraglia is a world leader in hormonal health. She came from a modern medical background, but as she began to spend more time in the industry, she discovered a desperate need for the integration of more natural practices to heal the body.

Tami Meraglia, M.D. is a physician with a passion: to help women take charge of their own hormone health and happiness. Her unique voice is sorely needed today as women face hormone imbalances and deficiencies before, during, and after menopause. These conditions, which can assault the quality of life, are nothing new. What is new is that they are appearing earlier than ever before, and at a time when women are already stretched to the limit. And women are often misdiagnosed by the medical establishment.

In this episode with Dr. Tami you’ll discover:

  • How to know if your hormones are out of balance. 
  • What hormone disruptors are and how to avoid them.
  • The root cause of Hashimoto's disease & thyroid conditions.
  • The not-so-obvious health issues caused by hormone imbalances. 
  • The top hormone-balancing foods and how to eat more of them.
  • The most effective way to rebalance your hormones (it's 100% free). 
  • Plus, much, much more!

I know you’re going to take so much from today’s episode, so make sure to share it with a friend you know that could benefit. That’s what we’re all about after all - sharing this life-changing message far and wide!

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