Learn How to Read Food Labels & Navigate the Grocery Store with Courtney Swan

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In the good old days, nature served up a clean slate – no long list of additives, just pure, fresh goodness. Fast forward to the present, and it's like we've upgraded to a more complex menu with some hidden traps.

This is not to incite fear and worry, but understanding the shifts in our food landscape helps us make choices that nourish our bodies.

In this era of ever-evolving diets and food trends, the key is to be aware of the sometimes ill-intentioned forces behind our food industry and to stay savvy with what's on our plates. 

Integrative nutritionist, Courtney Swan exposes the government subsidies contributing to America's broken food system and gives us simple tips for how to navigate the grocery store.

Courtney breaks through greenwashing and industry marketing to help us as consumers make better food choices while making the information more digestible and easier to navigate. We love the work she does with her community through her Realfoodology social platforms and podcast. This conversation is going to reveal the secrets of the food industry, help you become a more confident consumer, and help you start making healthier changes today. 

In this week's episode with Courtney you’ll learn:

  • The marketing and greenwashing tactics that are used by the food industry 

  • How to read ingredient labels 

  • What you can do to get your kids in the kitchen 

  • How to navigate the grocery store

  • Steps to help you transition from packaged foods to eating more homemade meals 

  • And so much more!

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